Raum Level

Identify the status quo

Step 1

Inspection of the location

Inspection of the property outside and inside

Current living situation

Identify possible problems and life goals

Define goal

Personal goal definition for the Feng Shui living space consultation

Define energy flow

Step 2

Visualization of the energy flow

The immediate environment (external access routes to the building and, if relevant, the surrounding garden or plot of land; inside the building stairs, windows, doors, nooks and crannies ...).

Energy flow correction and harmonization

Directing the energy flow harmoniously through the room to create a feeling of well-being.

Bagua analyses

Step 3


Compass and 3-door Bagua analysis at different levels, as well as the floorplan.


Identifying missing areas and room extensions.

Determination of the energy status

Which energy qualities reach and nourish the structure?


Working out concrete proposals for correction as well as identifying and fixing resonance anchors.

Individual fine tuning

Step 4

Activation of personal potential through individual color, shape and material matching.

Individual feng shui interior redesign

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