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Whether we are aware of it or not, design affects our mood and our sense of well-being. It determines whether or not we feel comfortable and at ease in a particular room. This is one of the reasons why design fascinates us so much and why we are so passionate about it. With RAUMLEVEL, we want to create places where you enjoy spending time.


For many people, their own home is the most important place in the world. RAUMLEVEL bases its design concept around this human desire to create a pleasant and serene personal space.

Furnishing of vacation properties

Vacation property

Charm your guests with the right ambiance and increase your income from vacation property.

Interior design for office space

Office space

Order and harmony in the workplace help you and your staff to focus on the essentials.

Interior design for restaurants, salons and retail


Interior design enormously influences how you are perceived by your customers. Whatever its intended purpose, RAUMLEVEL is guaranteed to appeal to your taste as well as that of your customers!

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Interior design to meet your wishes

Creative, consistent, harmonious

A successful interior design is always the culmination of a successful mutually satisfactory consultation process. After an initial inspection of the space, we listen closely to your views in order to clarify and crystallize your vision. It doesn't matter if you already have clear design ideas mapped out in your mind or if you just want to "breathe more life" into your room. This exploratory talk will form the basis of the first design blueprint.

From private homes to holiday flats, offices or restaurants, RAUMLEVEL creates harmonious spaces with style, sensitivity and exquisite attention to detail.

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Create harmony through interior design in the sense of feng shui

"We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us."

- Sir Winston Churchill -

Let us inspire you and don't leave your interior design to chance. Judge for yourself our skill with visual design and our keen instinct for attractive forms, friendly color tones and the right lighting., creating a harmonious whole.

With sensitivity, empathy and subtlety, our aim is to create a harmonious balance between style and comfort in a tasteful, timeless yet contemporary ambiance.

We are excited to explain the ways in which the categories headed REDESIGN and FENG SHUI may be combined while still remaining separate and distinct from each other.

We will be happy to create individual interior design concepts for you based on your personal wishes and requirements.

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