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The balance between our senses and our surrounding environment has begun to shift over the last few decades. Television and social media shape us on a visual level and the visually beautiful is becoming increasingly idealized with the result that what we feel and experience has somehow acquired a one-dimensional quality. But this way of seeing leaves a void. When applied to spaces, these often appear empty and soulless even while imparting a superficial impression of beauty. One is left with a feeling of vague discomfort The reason is the lack of connection at the sensory level, which may not necessarily be confined to the eye.

Another reason for this emptiness is the interruption in the flow of energy, which can be caused by an unfavorable positioning of doors, windows and furniture. Many people experience a feeling of discomfort because of this energetic imbalance. The room is deprived of energy and the personal "Chi" is depleted.

FENG SHUI recognizes this disharmony and endeavours to overcome it and restore harmony. The teachings of FENG SHUI are used quite consciously in this interplay between space and people to bring about positive change processes.

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"We must strive to bring nature, buildings and people together in a higher unity."

- Le Corbusier -

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In FENG SHUI teaching, rooms do not need to be exotically furnished. FENG SHUI takes a holistic view. It employs various methods, for example filtering out incongruous materials, colors and shapes to allow the life energy Chi to flow, regardless of the existing furnishing style.

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