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The way to Feng Shui

My personal discovery of Feng shui

Formative influences in my childhood

Thanks to my mother, whose own father was a FENG SHUI master, I have been steeped in the teachings of FENG SHUI since childhood.,. The importance of arranging furniture in a certain way was always pointed out, simply because it was right and good to do so. At first this seemed a bit strange to me. However, since it didn't hurt, restrict me in any way or even look bad. I followed my mother's advice without questioning it much. Over the years, I had the desire to learn and understand more about my family roots.

My growing enthusiasm for Feng Shui

I began to read FENG SHUI literature intensively and attend courses. I learned very quickly that FENG SHUI has nothing to do with mysticism or religion. Much of what my mother taught me in the past suddenly made deeper sense. I began to see and recognize FENG SHUI everywhere, in nature, in the layout of streets and even in some modern department stores.

My Feng Shui qualifications

I have acquired and consolidated my professional training and qualification as a FENG SHUI interior design consultant through various seminars and courses, among others at the German FENG SHUI Institute. However, theoretical knowledge alone is not enough to apply the teachings of FENG SHUI in order to create harmonious and beautiful living spaces. My innate feel for interior design as well as my accumulated experience have been essential components.

Feng Shui vs. interior design consultant

With a sound instinct and with empathy and sensitivity, I achieve a clean energy flow in your home or business, guaranteed to have a positive effect on your life and your goals. Through a perfect balance of elegance and comfort, I aim to create a tasteful, timeless and modern environment, whereby your personal everyday needs and wishes take upmost priority.

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