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Appealing to your customers' subconscious

Retail stores largely depend on the steady flow of passing customers. FENG SHUI exerts a subtle influence on these customers, drawing them towards your store. Potential customers are attracted by the agreeable vibe. Ideally, they will enter straight away. Once inside the store, FENG SHUI speaks to all antennae of perception and creates a heightened awareness of the goods and displays. Customers experience a feeling of well-being and invariably tend to buy more - and more often.

We find a similar phenomenon in medical and legal practices, studios and various salons. However, the focus here is not on a product, but on people. It is more important to create and convey a so-called “feel-good factor”.

FENG SHUI makes it possible to understand, interpret and use these vital yet subtle connections between people and space in a profitable way. An energy flow and Bagua analysis reveals the hidden potential of your business premises and creates possibilities to design your premises in such a way that your efforts are rewarded with personal and professional success.

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