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Increase visitor numbers and customer satisfaction with a REDESIGN for your holiday accommodation. Furniture and decor greatly influence take-up in the highly competitive holiday property market. Make your property stand out from the rest with a distinctive interior design style - and get ready for a surge in booking numbers!


A REDESIGN visually enhances your property and makes it more attractive for your target group. At the same time, it increases the financial value of your property. Opting for individual and target group-oriented design will enable you to reach the broadest spectrum of potential customers. Your property can hold its own against hotel and apartment chains and holiday flats, even in the low season.


A REDESIGN enhances the appearance of your property, making it more attractive for your target group while at the same time increasing its financial value.

Comprehensive service

You can save yourself trips to handovers and inspections, especially important if you do not live locally. If you wish, RAUMLEVEL can handle the complete schedule management and project planning, and where external companies are involved can communicate with them and supervise their services, which may include the purchase of furnishings and fittings.

Long term benefits through greater customer satisfaction and better customer ratings on the Internet!

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